About Us


"A Vida" is Portuguese for "Life" and "Lifestyle" 

A Vida has been based in Windsor since 2007 and is owned by Luci, a vivacious Brazilian with more than 25 years of experience as a fashion designer and retailer.  A Vida specialises in bespoke clothing and jewellery at affordable prices.  As well as her own label for clothing and jewellery, Luci has developed many personal relationships with some of the most influential designers in South America, North America, Australia and Europe.  Her personal styling business is truly international with regular clients in the UK, Brazil, France, Monaco, Greece, Italy and the USA.  

Brazil is renowned for superb gemstones in a kaleidoscope of saturated, luscious colours.  If you are a gem lover, then Brazil is your dream source.  Brazil’s rich natural gemstone resources include many varieties of tourmaline, topaz, beryl and quartz, among others.  A Vida imports gemstones of exceptional quality for use in our bespoke jewellery and supply to many international jewellery makers. A Vida specialises in tourmaline, in particular paraiba.  A Vida sources and imports gem stones from South America; please contact us for details and bespoke requirements.